Birding and Nature Festivals of Texas

Bird watching -- There are many Annual Birding and Nature Festivals in Texas.

The format of the Annual Birding and Nature Festivals of Texas is testimony to the growing popularity of these events within the state. As wildlife watching grows as a hobby, so does the popularity of these events.

Texas has something to offer for everyone interested in wildlife watching. Many of the following festivals are hosted by local communities to salute the unique wildlife features of their region. Whether your interest lies in hummingbirds, butterflies, Sandhill Cranes or Whooping Cranes, you can find a festival to meet your interests in the Lone Star State. For both visitor and local folk alike, these festivals offer educational and entertaining ways to learn more about the great outdoors in Texas.

These activities are fun opportunities for the whole family. Whether you are sitting in on a workshop, viewing birds on a field trip, or enjoying origami at a craft table, nature festivals offer relaxation and recreation.

In the past, the festivals have offered some real treats, with some groups even seeing things not related to the festival. Mission's Butterfly Festival included an opportunity to see Northern Jacana and a bobcat. Not to be out done, Harlingen's Rio Grande Valley Nature Festival had naturalists scrambling to see butterflies in nearby gardens. And the Cranefest in Muleshoe had viewers stopping to observe some of our declining prairie dog populations.

So come to Texas and enjoy some of the great wildlife diversity our state has to offer!

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