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Stop Invasives

Clean, Drain and Dry

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Protect the Lakes You Love

Invasive species like zebra mussels, giant salvinia and water hyacinth travel from lake to lake on your boat, trailer and gear. These invasive species harm native plants, fish and animals and cost Texas taxpayers millions of dollars.

Protect the lakes you love. Clean, drain and dry before traveling from lake to lake. Keep boating, fishing and swimming fun for everyone.

Help Protect the Lakes You Love – Clean, Drain, and Dry!

CLEAN: Before leaving the ramp, do a quick “walk around” inspection. Remove any plants, mud, and other debris from the boat, anchor, trailer and gear.

DRAIN: Drain your boat, motor, bait buckets and other water-retaining compartments. Keep your drain plug out until the boat is dry.

DRY: Let your boat dry for a week or more before visiting another lake. Leave all compartments open and gear out to air dry. If you aren’t able to dry it this long, wash everything thoroughly with high-pressure water at a carwash or at home.

Be vigilant! The 3 biggest risks for spreading invasive species are:

  • Invasive plants stuck on trailers or trapped between the boat and bunks
  • Microscopic zebra mussels hiding in water not drained from boats and gear
  • Zebra mussels attached to wet-slipped boats that are moved to another lake

If you find zebra mussels attached to your boat or have stored your boat on a lake that has zebra mussels, you are at high risk of spreading them to a new lake. Call (512) 389-4848 for guidance on having the boat decontaminated to reduce this risk.

Protect yourself from a citation

Transporting invasive species or leaving a public water body without removing plants and draining all water from your boat and trailer is illegal.

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