2022–2023 Projects

The following projects have been implemented through the Habitat and Angler Access Program during 2022–2023.

Angler Access Improvements on the Colorado River at the Texas River School’s River Camp

ramp with deck

TPWD and Chautauqua Foundation, Inc. have partnered on a HAAP project to improve angler access to the Colorado River at the Texas River School River Camp located in East Austin, Travis County. The project includes improvements to the access road into the property, revamped picnic tables, and the main feature – a newly constructed boat ramp to allow for launching of small motorboats and paddle craft. This site is a highly utilized public river access site through the River Access and Conservation Areas Program. Improvements to the site funded through HAAP will provide a much more enjoyable experience for angler access as well as provide a sustainable targeted access point to minimize impact to the riparian area.

TPWD Project Coordinator: John Botros

Bandera Angler Park on the Medina River

Fishing amenities and access improvements at the Bandera Angler Park were completed in August of 2023 and the park is now open for public use. This project was a partnership between the City of Bandera and the TPWD Habitat and Angler Access Program. An improved driveway, ADA parking lot, and four fishing pads with amenities (one of which is ADA accessible) were installed along the Medina River in this previously undeveloped and underutilized portion of Bandera City Park. The city plans to establish native vegetation grow zones in the areas between the fishing pads to improve riparian health and will also install a kiosk with aquatic conservation messaging.

TPWD Project Coordinator: Ryan McGillicuddy

City of Early Town Center Pond Fish Habitat Establishment and Shoreline Stabilization

The City of Early and TPWD partnered to create two ADA-accessible fishing piers, ADA-accessible walkways, and interpretive signage to improve angler access at the newly renovated Town Center Pond. The City of Early is also in the process of setting up electricity in the park and will be installing lighting throughout the park which will also include dock lighting for both piers. In addition, after the pond was dredged and reshaped, several areas of the shoreline were stabilized with riprap and erosion control matting, and will soon have native plants established to create additional littoral habitat. Pea gravel beds were installed at several locations for spawning habitat for largemouth bass and sunfish. Areas were also enhanced with artificial fish habitat structures for additional cover and improved fishing quality. An electric aeration system will soon be installed at the site as well.
TPWD Project Coordinator: Michael Homer

Fish Habitat and Angler Access Improvements at Old Hidalgo Pump House Channel

Brush clearing led to areas for the renovation of the old earthen ramp that is now covered with crushed granite and available to kayak and other non-motorized watercraft, a covered pier that was originally designed for bird watching was renovated into a fishing pier with room to cast, the construction of a new t-head pier on the northside of the waterbody with gravel pathway and stairs leading to the pier, a new high-output aerator with diffusers, 24 artificial fish habitat structures strategically placed within the waterbody, a informational kiosk, and signage designating state bag limits for community fishing lakes and some fishing line disposals.

We partnered with The City of Hidalgo (Economic Development Corporation led by JR Trevino) and the local fire department. JR Trevino has been a fabulous partner and it was his vision that drove this project.

Before the start of this project, this waterbody wasn’t even designated as public. Now that the project is complete, water quality has improved with the aeration, fish habitat is available, and fishing access and boating access are available, all in the Rio Grande Valley in Hidalgo an area that needed a fishing location. This has been a great project, working with willing partners that will now offer fishing opportunities for many generations to come.

Watch the video about this project.
TPWD Project Coordinator: Dusty McDonald

Lake Dunlap Habitat Improvements

This is a multi-phase project that is currently in progress. Lake Dunlap was known for its large channel and flathead catfish. Adding spawning locations will ensure that this fishery is available for anglers. Placing fish habitat structures under docks will offer fish habitat for Largemouth Bass that won't interfere with the water skiers and jet skiers that frequent the lake. Once complete, the added fish habitat will offer new fishing locations for anglers. There will also be new signage/kiosks for educational material and fishing line disposals to reduce trash in the reservoir. TPWD is partnering with Guadalupe Blanco River Authority, and the Canyon Bass Club for this project.
TPWD Project Coordinator: Dusty McDonald

Neighborhood Fishin’ Program Shoreline Habitat and Fishing Access in the Houston Area

This project, led by Alice Best at the College Station-Houston District, was implemented at Herman Little, which is a small Community Fishing lake in the Houston metropolitan area. The current fishing pier was expanded, and two new piers are being added. The current pier is heavily used and the additional fishing piers will increase angling access for current and future anglers.
TPWD Project Coordinator: Alice Best