Lift, Drift, Pole and Troll

Why should you Lift, Drift, Pole and Troll?

Submerged seagrass meadows are a dominant, unique subtropical habitat in many Texas bays and estuaries. These marine plants play critical roles in the coastal environment, including nursery habitat for estuarine fisheries, a major source of organic biomass for coastal food webs, effective agents for stabilizing coastal erosion and sedimentation, and major biological agents in nutrient cycling and water quality processes.

As of September 1, 2013, it is illegal to cause or allow any rooted seagrass plant to be uprooted or dug out from the bay or saltwater bottom by a submerged propeller within the coastal waters of the state of Texas. Violation is a Class C Misdemeanor subject to a fine of up to $500.

Basic Techniques for Lift, Drift, Pole and Troll  

When shallow waters are encountered, you should LIFT your motor...

boat drifting through shallow water

DRIFT your boat through seagrass beds...


boat being poled through shallow water

POLE it through the shallow water or...


boat with trolling motor

TROLL the boat with a trolling motor.