Radio PSA Transcript — Giant Salvinia

As Produced — TPWD-0121

Invasive Species Campaign

:30 RADIO — Salvinia Monster


REPORTER: We’re here talking to one of the fastest growing invasive species in Texas.

SAL: Hi, I’m Giant Salvinia, nasty invasive species. I double in size every week.

REP: I understand you destroy Texas lakes and ruin fishing.

SAL: Oh yea, that’s my thing.

REP: That would be why boaters, fishermen and skiers hate you.

SAL: Yeah, but they do give me rides from lake to lake.

REP: Folks, giant salvinia clings to boats, trailers and gear. So remove even the smallest piece and put it in the trash.

SAL: Don’t tell them that!

REP: Hello Giant Salvinia. Goodbye Texas Lakes. A message from Texas Parks and Wildlife.