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Feb. 2, 2004

Feeding of Wildlife Banned In Texas State Parks

AUSTIN, Texas – Following the lead of other states and America’s national parks, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission voted Thursday to amend state code to prohibit visitors from feeding wildlife in Texas State Parks.

TPW Commission Awards Almost $7 Million in Grants

AUSTIN, Texas –The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approved $6,726,082 in grants Jan. 29 for Outdoor Recreation, Indoor Recreation and Boat Ramp projects, benefiting 14 communities across the state.

TPWD Reorganization To Support Water Conservation

AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is merging its Resource Protection Division into other field divisions, a move agency leaders say will allow it to better focus on critical water resource issues.

Civil Restitution Program Going Well

AUSTIN, Texas – Assistant Chief of Fisheries Enforcement, Kris Bishop, briefed the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission Jan. 29 about the progress of the department’s civil restitution program, since the legislature in 1999 implemented a law saying licenses can be denied until fines are taken care of.

TPWD To Host 2004 Texas Land Trust Conference

AUSTIN, Texas – With each passing year, Texans trade in open ranges, grasslands and rivers for strip shopping malls and concrete parking lots. But landowners have other choices for the use of their wide-open spaces, even in a slow economy. The 2004 Statewide Land Trust Conference hopes to offer a few more conservation-friendly options for open lands.

Master Naturalist Program Seeks Applicants

AUSTIN, Texas – Several chapters of the Texas Master Naturalist program are accepting applications for spring classes for those wanting to volunteer to help conserve the state’s natural resources.

Stay Tuned, Feb. 2, 2004

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Jan. 29, 2004

Fish Kill Near Lake Texoma Tied to Golden Alga

AUSTIN, Texas — State biologists from Oklahoma and Texas investigating a fish kill near the Red River upstream of Lake Texoma believe golden alga found in water samples taken from the area was to blame. While the presence of the naturally occurring toxin near this major reservoir for the first time is cause for concern, officials see it as a minor isolated fish kill.

Jan. 28, 2004

Freshwater Fishing Stamp Raises Need To Revamp Licenses

This release has been updated. Read the latest release dated Feb. 2, 2004.

Jan. 26, 2004

New Rod-and-Reel Record Blue Catfish at TFFC

ATHENS, Texas – The 121-pound ‘cat’ is now out of the bag. Cody Mullennix of Howe caught a new rod and reel record blue catfish from Lake Texoma on Jan. 16. The leviathan weighed 121 pounds, 8 ounces, and was 58 inches in length, shattering the previous Texas rod and reel record of 100 pounds also caught from Lake Texoma in 2000. Mullennix was fishing from the bank with a surf rod and 20-pound test line using 3-inch shad for bait when he caught the giant fish.