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April 20, 2004

San Jacinto Symposium To Announce New Archeology Findings

HOUSTON — Historians, state archeologists and Texas history buffs will gather on the University of Houston campus Friday, April 23, for this year’s San Jacinto Symposium titled "Digging for History: New Insights Into the Battle of San Jacinto." The annual symposium is organized by the San Jacinto Historical Advisory Board, a state board that advises Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site.

From 9:45-11:00 a.m., TPWD experts will present detailed reports on archeological research conducted during the past year at San Jacinto Battleground and display recently unearthed artifacts from the April 21, 1836 battle. More than a dozen of these newly discovered battle artifacts will be displayed for the first time, including musket balls, belt buckles and Mexican coins carried to the battleground by Mexican solders and lost during the battle.

At the 11 a.m. news conference, experts will present a summarized version of their symposium talks and be available for questions and interviews with news reporters. News photographers will also have good access to recently discovered artifacts.

Following a luncheon, the afternoon session of the symposium starts at 1 pm., and will feature several award-winning Texas history scholars who will speak on their latest research pertaining to the Texas Revolution. These speakers include Dr. Gregg Cantrell, Professor of History at TCU (speaking on "Anglo Texans and the Road to Revolution"); Dr. Andres Tijerina, Professor of History at Austin Community College ("The Tejano Side of the Texas Revolution"); and author John Wheat, with Jack Jackson ("Their Audacity is now Intolerable: Col. Juan N. Almonte and the Texas Revolution"). The afternoon session will be moderated by Dr. James E. Crisp, Associate Professor of History at North Carolina State University.

The unprecedented archeological project under way at the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site has already shed new light on the famous 18-minute battle and will help park staff better interpret for visitors the location of the Mexican army encampment and areas of the park where the battle unfolded. The project is a precursor to the implementation of the first stage of a $47 million master plan for the park. The plan calls for the restoration of the battleground to its 1836 appearance, construction of a new Visitors Center/Museum and other park improvements.

The symposium will be held from 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. April 23, with registration beginning at 8:30 a.m. The $40 regular admission cost includes lunch. The symposium will take place at the Hilton Hotel and Conference Center at the University of Houston on University Drive, Entrance 1. For more information, phone (281) 793-9569.


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