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May 3, 2004

Teams Tie Top Spot in Great Texas Birding Classic

PORT ARANSAS, Texas — For the first time in the eight-year history of the ’Great Texas Birding Classic,’ two teams tied for first place in the weeklong competition.

With more new competition categories added every year, it’s getting harder to say who "won" the Birding Classic, but the intense, weeklong tournament (actually five continuous days of birding) is still viewed by many as the toughest category for hardcore competitors. Once called the "iron man of birding," the weeklong tournament is why organizers call the Classic the world’s longest birding competition.
The ConocoPhillips Cranes from the Houston/Galveston area this year crept up to tie the Swift Wild Birders, a team of young birders from Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, and New York whose core members have captured the top spot in the adult weeklong tournament for several years running. Both teams spotted 327 bird species, down slightly from last year’s winning team tally of 329.

In the new Outta-Sight Song Birder Tournament category for the blind and visually impaired, the Espaa Tweetybirds edged out their friends on the other two teams in the category with 40 species identified. All three teams were actually members of the same group of people who are blind or visually impaired from the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Each team had a sighted birder who accompanied the team blindfolded.

Winners were announced April 25 at the Awards Brunch here. A total of 56 teams participated in the Birding Classic, a slight decrease from last year but still representing a diverse snapshot of today’s birding culture, including numerous youth teams.

In the next few weeks, winning teams will award a total of $51,000 to approved avian habitat conservation projects along the Texas coast, bringing the total amount awarded to projects during the past eight years to $402,000.

Birding Classic prize money for habitat conservation comes from corporate sponsors, including Reliant Energy, ConocoPhillips and various optics companies, including Swarovski, Eagle Optics, Zeiss and Bushnell.

Below are winning teams in all categories, with the number of bird species counted listed after the team name. Complete team rosters and team sponsors are on the TPWD Web site at ( Next year’s Great Texas Birding Classic will take place April 16-24.

2004 Competition Results

Big Sit! Tournament

Weeklong Competition

Adult Upper Coast Only

Adult Lower Coast Only

Adult Central Coast Only

Seniors — Central Coast Only

Gliders (14-18 year olds) Upper Coast Only

Gliders Lower Coast Only

Gliders Central Coast Only

Roughwings (13 years and younger) Upper Coast Only

Roughwings Lower Coast Only

Roughwings Central Coast Only

Outta-Sight Song Birder Tournament

TH 2004-05-03

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