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May 10, 2004

Game Warden Named ’Officer of the Year’ for First Time in Central Texas

AUSTIN, Texas — Attorney General Greg Abbott presented Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden Turk Jones with the 100 Club of Central Texas’ ’Officer of the Year’ Award at a banquet here Wednesday night.

The award, the last presentation in the evening honoring area law enforcement officers, is the highest honor the group bestows.

"These are the men and women we look to for help — the people our children look up to as role models," Abbott said.

He went on to list Jones’ accomplishments in Central Texas last year. Jones patrols Lakes Travis and Austin and made five Boating While Intoxicated Cases last year, three controlled substances cases, issued 304 water-safety violations (including 18 to those who brought children without flotation devices), as well as DWI’s and weapons violations. He made cases that resulted in $14,000 in assessed fines, mentored two new wardens and oversaw 15 other BWI cases that they made.

"We are lucky to have Turk Jones as a warden and are proud of the work he does helping make sure those on Central Texas waterways are safe," said Capt. Robert Goodrich, Jones’ supervisor.

TPWD received a large trophy from the 100 Club to display for the next year with the engraved names of those officers who won the award before. Jones received a stone trophy and a 100 Club leather jacket.

This is the first time a TPWD game warden has achieved this award from the Central Texas 100 Club.

"It is great when you are recognized for your work," Jones said. "I enjoy what I do out there and am glad there is an organization like this club that supports officers."

Game Warden Capt. Greg Williford was also honored at the banquet with an Excellence in Police Work Award for his work on a recent case where a suspect was claiming to run a non-profit children’s camp in order to get first dibs on state equipment and vehicles before the public. He was also getting the vehicles for less than what he should have. The case involved eight state agencies and resulted in two felony arrests being made.

"Capt. Williford’s professionalism and diligence in this case led to the stopping of a scam that was costing the state a lot of money," said Internal Affairs Chief Craig Hunter.

The 100 Club has 1,600 members and is in its 21st year. The group was formed primarily to assist and support the families of fallen officers. They provide financial assistance in the event of a death and in many other ways, also assist the children of those officers who are killed.

The club provides a scholarship program for officers who want to continue their education. And they are supplying every officer in Central Texas with a protective vest and equipment if they do not have it. This includes vests for the K-9 officers.

For more information about the club, visit the Web (

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