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May 24, 2004

Birding Classic Winners Award Conservation Prizes

AUSTIN, Texas — A total of $51,000 in 2004 Great Texas Birding Classic prize money has been awarded to seven bird habitat conservation projects on the Texas coast. As in the past, winning teams got the honor of deciding how prize dollars will be spent, choosing from a menu of possible projects. Funds will help acquire, restore or enhance wetlands and other critical habitat to provide islands of green for neotropical migrant songbirds and other wildlife.

The world’s longest birding competition took place from April 17-25 along the entire Texas coast. Prize money for conservation work is donated by corporate sponsors such as Reliant Energy, ConocoPhillips, Swarovski, Eagle Optics, Leica, and Bushnell.

Since the Birding Classic started eight years ago, the event has funneled $402,000 to conservation projects on the Texas coast. This benefits other states and nations, because the Texas coast is critical migratory stopover habitat for birds that migrate between North, Central and South America.

The complete list of winners in all categories is on the TPWD Web site (

Next year, the Great Texas Birding Classic will take place April 16-25.

TH 2004-05-24

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