TPWD Game Warden Field Notes

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Note: This item is more than 19 years old. Please take the publication date into consideration for any date references.

The following are excerpts from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports.

Illegal Fishing Doesn’t Pay — May 21, Game Wardens made a sweep on the Angelina River removing all illegal fishing devices. Wardens found several unattended and illegal trotlines and hoop nets.

Reason To Run — May 22, a Tyler County Game Warden and a Cadet responded to a fishing violation call on the lower Neches River where several fishing camps are located. While driving through a hunting club to gain access, the wardens met a truck with the tailgate down and noticed a hoop net and ice chest in the bed. Upon observing the wardens, the suspects fled and a short pursuit ensued. After a short foot chase, both men were arrested by the warden for possession of marijuana, resisting arrest and fleeing.

A Day in the Busy Life — May 25, an Orange County Game Warden had a busy hour while patrolling the Sabine River. He cited two local men for possession of drug paraphernalia, another man for possession of eight hoop nets, and then arrested one local man for Boating While Intoxicated. Cases are pending.

Amazing Recovery — Recently, Chambers County Game Wardens responded to an auto accident where an individual had driven off the road into Turtle Bayou. They were able to recovery the body, but they were not able to locate the vehicle due to recent heavy rain that caused strong currents. Four days later, the water level receded, and a vehicle was pulled from the bayou. Once the vehicle was on land, it was discovered not to be the vehicle they were searching for. Inside the vehicle pulled from the bayou was another body. After further investigation, it turned out the body and the vehicle had been missing for nine years.

Double Tragedy — May 30, Polk County Game Wardens responded to a call involving a double drowning on Lake Livingston. A 52-year-old League City woman fell off a pontoon boat during rough waters and was injured. Her 48-year-old brother jumped in to assist. The boat was still underway and both family members drowned. Both bodies have been recovered.

In the Nick of Time — May 30, Harris County Game Wardens were patrolling the San Jacinto River near Magnolia Gardens. People on the bank were waving and yelling and pointing toward a recliner chair type air mattress that was in the middle of the river. They approached the air mattress and discovered a 3-year-old girl on the float. The crying child was rescued and returned to her mother.

Multiple Charges Filed in North Texas Incident — May 30, a Grayson County Game Warden, Grayson County Sheriff’s Official, and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent checked a boat and found six adult men videotaping three girls, ages 17-18 as the young girls stripped. All nine individuals in the boat were arrested. Charges of making alcohol available to minors, public intoxication, minor in possession, water safety violations and possession of dangerous drugs were filed. Cases are pending.

Driving Me Crazy — May 31, a Titus County Game Warden responded to Lake Bob Sandlin reference a car in the lake. Apparently a jealous boyfriend used his vehicle to push his girlfriend’s vehicle into the lake. The boyfriend was charged with Driving While Intoxicated.

A Violator With a Conscience — May 22, an Abilene resident called a Taylor County Game Warden and advised that he had just bought a boat and it had an expired decal on it. The man was headed to Brownwood to go fishing. The warden advised him that he would probably get a citation if he went. On Monday, the same person came into the office and inquired about transferring the boat. At that time, he advised an administrative assistant that he had paid $6,500 for the boat. The next day he came in and presented an application that indicated that he paid $1,000 for the boat. The assistant called the warden and he contacted the suspect and explained the law to him. The man came back in and advised the assistant that he couldn’t sleep at night because he actually paid $10,000 for the boat and needed to pay about $500 more in sales tax.

Accurate Assessment — May 23, a Game Warden checked a couple of bank fishermen in Rockport. When asked how their day had gone, both subjects simultaneously answered "great" and "terrible." He asked to look in their ice chest so he could determine how their day had been. A 33-inch black drum revealed that their day was "great" and about to go "terrible." Case is pending.

Wrong Answer, Pal — May 22, a Grayson County Game Warden observed a spotlighter shining his light from a road in the south part of Grayson County. Upon contact, the warden found that the person had a loaded gun beside him. When asked what he was hunting, he replied, "Anything that moves." Hunting in closed season charges were filed. Cases are pending.

Unhappy Days — On May 30, a Grayson County Game Warden, Grayson County Sheriff’s Official, and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent arrested an individual for BWI. The subject refused to give a breath sample but was convinced he was "The FONZ." He performed the nine-step walk and turn continuously for three repetitions. Case is pending.

The Hat Won’t Keep You Afloat — May 30, a Parker County Game Warden filed a felony BWI on a person on the Brazos River. The man was riding a Personal Watercraft wearing a cowboy hat but no lifejacket. Case is pending.

Still Wrong — May 15, a Jefferson County Game Warden was checking fishermen and found a person with two untagged redfish and had exceeded the bag limit. The next day, the warden was again checking fishermen and saw the same person. He asked what he had caught and the person said, "No redfish." But when his cooler was checked, he found two oversized black drum! Cases are pending.