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June 27, 2005

Texas Wildlife Research Highlighted in New Report

AUSTIN, Texas — Quail, wild turkeys, doves, bighorn sheep, bison, deer, coyotes, alligators, fish and snakes all have one thing in common — these species and others are the focus for research by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Wildlife Division.

In the publication “Wildlife Research Highlights 2005,” the division describes 108 research project proposals that received funding through the Wildlife Division for fiscal year 2005 and explains how the research is being done.

“We put out this report every two years to inform the public, our staff, our commissioners, and our conservation partners in Texas and around the country about what we’re doing in wildlife research,” said Ron George, TPWD Wildlife Division research coordinator. “Our biologists do quality work on their own or in cooperation with universities.”

The primary goals of Wildlife Division research, as stated in the publication, are to seek answers for important management questions, train staff, expand scientific knowledge, publish results and inform the public.

Most of the more than $1,750,000 in research funds spent in 2004-2005 came from Texas hunting license revenue and Texas waterfowl, white-winged dove and wild turkey stamps. About one-third of research funding comes from federal excise taxes, federal endangered species funds, and federal State Wildlife Grants.

“We need answers on how to best manage wildlife resources, and to get reliable answers you have to allocate funding for research,” said George. “As time goes on, things change: habitat changes, technology changes. There are always new things to look at in wildlife management and new ways to look at them.”

TPWD works in conjunction with several universities in research. On some projects, TPWD personnel take the lead, and university researchers lead others. When university staff takes the lead, TPWD biologists serve as field advisors, graduate committee staff, and publication co-authors.

To receive a free copy of “Wildlife Research Highlights 2005,” mail your request to Wildlife Information, 4200 Smith School Rd., Austin, Texas 78744, or call (512) 389-4505.

KD 2005-06-27

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