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Aug. 1, 2005

Man Gets Life In Prison For Shooting Warden And Killing Another Person

AUSTIN, Texas — In the 47th district Court in Amarillo last week, Seledonio Sanchez Cabrera was sentenced to two life terms for a December shooting that left one person dead and a game warden seriously injured.

Game Warden Billy Hefley was responding to 911 call near the Canadian River about a woman being shot. The suspect pulled out a .38-caliber weapon and shot Hefley in the cheek and arm. The suspect shot and killed one other person before Hefley arrived.

The suspect pleaded guilty to all charges, which were murder and assault on a public servant.

Maj. Mokey McCrary, Hefley’s Regional Director, said “We’re real fortunate he’s still alive. Because of his training and quick response, he survived an encounter most people would have not. He intervened and saved a woman. So yes, we are pleased with the convictions.”

Hefley graduated from the Texas game warden academy in 1988 and has been stationed in Potter County his entire career.

KE 2005-08-01

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