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Jan. 4, 2006

Lonestar Aquafarms Donates Red Drum for Stocking in Lakes Braunig, Calaveras and Fairfield

John Turner, General Partner/Manager of Lonestar Aquafarms, Ltd., a red fish farm outside Palacios in Jackson County, is donating about 30,000 red drum to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) again this year. The three quarter pound fish, worth between $30,000 and $50,000, will be stocked today in three power plant lakes for recreational fishing. The lakes scheduled to receive the fish are Lake Fairfield outside Fairfield in East Texas, Lake Braunig and Lake Calaveras outside San Antonio.

“This donation is very important to TPWD because red drum, a saltwater species, does not reproduce naturally in these freshwater systems and the fishery is maintained only through stocking,” said Brian Van Zee, of TPWD Inland Fisheries Division in Waco.

“In addition, the donated fish are larger than what is normally stocked so we expect a high rate of survival from these stockings, which could mean better red drum fishing at these lakes in the future.”

For more information contact John Turner at Lonestar Aquafarms, Ltd. by email at or by phone at (361) 972-3240. Lonestar Aquafarms is located at 1014 Jackson County Rd. 477 near Palacios.


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