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Nov. 6, 2006

Hayes Named Shikar-Safari Wildlife Officer of the Year

AUSTIN, Texas — Game Warden Randall Hayes of Weatherford has been named “Texas Wildlife Officer of the Year” by the wildlife conservation and hunting organization Shikar-Safari International.

Hayes graduated from the Texas Game Warden Training Academy in June 1984. His first duty station was in Denton County. In April 1988, he left the Texas Parks and wildlife Department temporarily and went to work for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

In September 1989, Hayes requested reinstatement as a game warden and was assigned to Nueces County. In April 1993, he transferred to Weatherford, where today he handles all areas of game, fish, water safety and public safety enforcement through education, deterrence, and apprehension.

During his career, supervisors say Hayes has had an excellent work record and displayed a positive and willing attitude. He is a leader in his community by providing hunting and fishing opportunities for several youth homes. Hayes works with landowners to provide places for youth to learn and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities.

As an educator, Randall is a certified Marine Safety Officer Instructor, Boater/Angler/Hunter Education Instructor and a Certified Peace Officer Classroom Instructor. His experience and investigative skills have allowed him to make a wide variety of cases such as Boating While Intoxicated arrests, taking deer without landowner’s consent, hunting deer from a public roadway, hunting deer at night, convicted felons hunting with firearms, and felony drug arrests.

Randall’s commitment to providing safe public waters has made him a leader in Boating While Intoxicated enforcement. He continues to lead his district in Boating White Intoxicated enforcement and assists with training new wardens in this effort.

TH 2006-11-06

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