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April 9, 2007

New TPWD Rules Streamline Licenses

AUSTIN, Texas — A series of changes to the state’s hunting and fishing licenses adopted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission here April 5 eliminates unnecessary redundancy, simplifies complicated temporary permits and clarifies senior and disabled citizen licenses.

The license changes are being implemented in response to an extensive internal assessment of the state’s hunting and fishing license system, which uncovered several opportunities to simplify the licensing process. The changes take effect with the 2007-2008 licenses, which go on sale Aug. 15.

Probably the most significant change involves streamlining what had become a complex and somewhat confusing set of temporary fishing licenses created originally to provide additional licensing options for a variety of situations. Variations of the resident and non-resident temporary fishing options known as “Day-Plus Fishing Packages” have been consolidated into “One-Day Fishing Licenses” at a cost of $10 for residents and $15 for non-residents.

Anglers may purchase as many one-day licenses as they wish. No additional freshwater or saltwater stamp endorsements are required with the one- day licenses and one Bonus Red Drum Tag will be available for free with the purchase of the first one-day license.

The commission also created a “Senior Resident Hunting License” and a “Youth Hunting License” from what had been the Special Resident Hunting License. The fee remains unchanged at $6 for these licenses. Both resident and non-resident youth under 17 qualify for the new Youth Hunting License.

Along those same lines, the commission adopted "Senior Resident Fishing License Packages," which will allow resident senior citizens to fish in freshwater for $11, saltwater for $16 or any Texas public waters for $21.

The current "Special Resident Fishing License" will be available only to individuals who are legally blind and will cost $6. Freshwater stamp and saltwater stamp requirements are waived.

Establishing these licenses will provide the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department with better demographic and effort data among seniors and youth.

The commission also adopted a $3 fee for anglers wanting to purchase a second Bonus Red Drum Tag (the first one comes with the annual and single-day licenses) to allow harvest of an oversized red drum. This fee allows TPWD to recover the cost of administering the tag issuance.

With the creation of the “One-Day Fishing License” the commission also eliminated the temporary Resident July-August Fishing License Packages. They currently allow individuals to fish in the freshwater and saltwater only during the months of July and August. These licenses created considerable confusion for the customer and complicated the agency’s electronic Point-of-Sale system.

The commission also revised several commercial fishing licenses for simplification purposes, including:

Resident and Nonresident Commercial Fishing Boat Licenses: Created one Commercial Fishing Boat License authorizing the current activities of the two licenses in a single license; for $25. These licenses are currently required of each boat that must be registered under federal or state laws and is used in taking aquatic products except menhaden, finfish, oysters, crabs and shrimp from the public waters of the state or for boats unloading within the state such products taken outside the states waters for pay, barter, sale, exchange or any commercial purpose.

Resident and Nonresident Freshwater Fishing Guide Licenses: Created one Freshwater Fishing Guide License, authorizing activities of the two licenses in a single license for $125. These licenses are currently required for individuals who operate a boat for anything of value in transporting or accompanying anyone who is fishing in freshwater of this state.

Resident and Nonresident Saltwater Fishing Guide Licenses: Renamed the licenses as Resident and Nonresident All-Water Fishing Guide Licenses, respectively. The new name more accurately describes the authorized activities of these licenses. They are required for individuals who operate a boat for anything of value in transporting or accompanying anyone who is fishing in freshwater and saltwater of this state.

SL 2007-04-09

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