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Nov. 20, 2007

Holt Appoints Bass to Texas Deer Breeding Interim Committee

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission Chairman Peter Holt of San Antonio has appointed Chairman Emeritus Lee Bass of Fort Worth to an interim committee that will study deer breeding issues before the next session of the Texas Legislature.

Gov. Rick Perry recently appointed three people to the Select Interim Committee to Study the Practice of Breeding White-Tailed and Mule Deer. Perry’s recent appointees include Scott Bugai, a veterinarian and manager of a ranch and deer breeding facility; William Eikenhorst, a veterinarian and land stewardship consultant; and Joseph Bluntzer Jr., a wildlife management consultant and former Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game warden.

The committee was created by Senate Bill 573 authored by Sen. Kenneth "Kim" Brimer in the recent legislative session. The bill calls for a select interim committee to study the deer breeding industry, especially its impact on rural areas. According to SB 573 provisions, the TPW Commission chairman shall nominate one committee member.

"Mr. Bass possesses a broad and thorough understanding of all the issues related to the practice of deer breeding, and as chairman of the department’s White-tailed Deer Advisory Committee, has been immersed in studying these issues for several years," Holt said in a letter appointing Bass to the committee. "I am certain that his knowledge and understanding will benefit the committee as it studies the practice of deer breeding, and of particular importance to me, its impact on Texas’ multi-billion dollar hunting industry and the natural resources of this state."

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