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May 19, 2008

Boaters Reminded ‘Nobody’s Waterproof — Play it Safe!’

AUSTIN, Texas — While boating fatalities dropped nationwide in 2007, they climbed in Texas — despite one of the wettest summers on record that closed many lakes and reservoirs for a portion of the boating season.

Texas had 52 boating fatalities in 2007, the highest number since 2002. The overall number of accidents (260) and injuries (181) were up, too, from 2006.

Most of those tragedies were preventable, authorities say, since on average 85 percent of boating fatality drowning victims who drowned were not wearing a life jacket when recovered, and more than 50% of boating and water related fatalities involved alcohol.

With those sobering facts in mind, and the summer boating season gearing up, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and its partners are kicking-off the second year of a public education and water safety initiative.

 "Nobody’s Waterproof™" is a fun, interactive social marketing campaign targeting 18-to-34-year-old boaters, especially young men, whom statistics show are most at risk. It is sponsored by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). The campaign was developed in 2006 by the LCRA and EnviroMedia Social Marketing, Inc. and has won state, regional and national awards over the last two years. For the second year, through an agreement with LCRA, TPWD is working to expand the initiative outside the Colorado River watershed to other Texas waterways.

"Texas Parks and Wildlife sees this as a chance to really take the message to the people on the water, with fun activities and educational items that will continue to remind boaters and swimmers that "Nobody’s Waterproof — Play it Safe," said Brandi Bradford, TPWD boater education coordinator. "We’ll be continuing this education effort on Texas waters this summer, with a great boat and a fun, engaging outreach team who will be handing out safety items and information at some of the most popular party locations around the state. Look for us on the water and shoreline at a lake, river, or bay near you!"

The "Nobody’s Waterproof" outreach boat, donated to TPWD by the Britteny Sage Lindt Fund, will be out for special events on Lake Joe Pool and Lake Lewisville near Dallas, Clear Lake and Lake Conroe near Houston, Canyon Lake near San Antonio, and Lake Travis near Austin. Some events will feature shoreline activities co-hosted by partners, including LCRA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, South Texas Water Safety Coalition, North Texas Water Safety Coalition, Galveston Bay Association, and others.

Nobody’s Waterproof outreach events will emphasize these safety messages:

"If boaters remember nothing else while they’re playing on Texas waters this summer, we hope they’ll remember "Nobody’s Waterproof — Play it Safe!" Bradford said. "Wear a lifejacket — they even come in smaller, inflatable models that won’t ruin your tan or be hot and uncomfortable. If you’re going to drink, do so responsibly and designate a driver for your boat and the ride home. "Boat with class. Boating safety courses are available online and in person through the TPWD Web site. Pay attention to your party. Keep an eye on family and friends while on the water or enjoying the shoreline, and make sure everyone gets home safely."

In addition to the campaign, TPWD game wardens are preparing to enforce boating laws and provide proactive safety guidance, working with lake rangers, sheriff’s deputies, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadron, regional water safety coalitions, and many other local boating enforcement agencies and public interest groups.

TPWD and local partners will also be hosting news media announcements and opportunities for news crews to ride with game wardens and local officers on patrol at high-profile lakes near major metropolitan areas.

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