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March 26, 2009

Tracy Large of Seguin Named Texas Wildlife Officer of the Year

AUSTIN, Texas — Game Warden Tracy Large of Seguin has been honored by the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) for his efforts in conserving America’s wildlife. Large was recognized as the NWTF’s Texas Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer of the Year at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting here March 26.

Game Warden Large graduated from the 44th Texas Game Warden Training Academy in 1996. His first duty station was in Cotulla, LaSalle County and he is currently assigned to Guadalupe County.

Large presents numerous education and information programs to schools, clubs, civic organizations, Texas youth, and the general public. He coordinates and participates in activities that introduce youth, novice hunter and novice fishermen to outdoor related experiences, including but not limited to hunting, fishing, and boating for the underprivileged youth in Guadalupe County.

The awards program cited Large for conducting his business on a very high level of moral character and integrity. He is well respected by co-workers, other Texas Parks and Wildlife Department personnel, and members of the community. Warden Large is the CPR/First Aid instructor in his region, which requires him to do annual updates and practical exercises to keep the game warden certifications current. He is a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) certified instructor, so he can teach other wardens mandated continuing education classes.

The awards program noted Large has accomplished special achievements and goes beyond the call of duty by doing more than what is expected. He has achieved the level of Master Peace Officer as well as an employee recognition award certificate for outstanding team for his work with the Texas Game Warden Honor Guard in 2007.

On Nov. 7, 2007, Warden Large conducted an investigation that resulted in the apprehension of two La Vernia High School students for shooting a Rio Grande Turkey with a 30-06 from a public roadway. The individuals had been seen by a rancher, who gave Warden Large their description. Citations were issued to the individuals for hunting turkey out of season.

On Nov. 7, 2008, Warden Large completed an investigation in which a local feed store was selling live Rio Grande turkeys. The investigation resulted in the feed store being filed on for possession of live Rio Grande turkey; one individual receiving a citation for trapping and possession of live Rio Grande turkeys; and another receiving a citation for possession of live Rio Grande turkeys and for releasing the turkeys back into the wild.

The NWTF initiated the State Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award in 2000 to highlight the contributions from wildlife officers across the country. In addition to playing a crucial role in helping to convict wildlife criminals, many wildlife officers volunteer their own time to help educate youth about the importance of wildlife, conservation and our hunting traditions.

The NWTF is a national nonprofit conservation organization founded in 1973. It has worked with wildlife agencies restore American wild turkey populations from 1.3 million wild turkeys to nearly 7 million today. NWTF volunteers raise funds and work daily to improve critical wildlife habitat, increase access to public hunting land and introduce people to the outdoors and hunting.

TH 2009-03-26

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