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May 1, 2009

Texas State-Fish Art Contest Announces Winners

ATHENS, Texas — The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center has announced the winners in the 2009 State-Fish Art Contest.

The 624 entries received was the largest number ever entered from a single state in this national contest, which is sponsored by Wildlife Forever of Brooklyn Center, MN.

Winners in the 4-6 grade level division were: First place, Christian Hernandezzegada, Killeen; second place, Samuel Bickham, Shiner; third place, Julie Ybarra, Brownsville.

Winners in the 7-9 grade level division were: First place, Brady King, Livingston; second place, Katya Lopatko, Grapevine; third place, Mary Campbell, Fort Worth.

In grade levels 10-12, winners were: First place, Margaret Sone, Dallas; second place, Hailey Sowden, Dallas; third place, Bethany Berg, Dallas.

Honorable mentions were awarded to: Ryan Lockhart, The Woodlands; Adrian Ramirez, Brownsville; Janelle Campos, Brownsville; Michael Florez, Brownsville; Jackie Morey, Magnolia; Susanna Hoffpauer, Valley View; Makenzie Williams, Wills Point.

Also, Alina Hail, McKinney; Isabella Orozco, McKinney; Sam Baxter, McKinney; Elise Broadway, Dallas; Amber Wang, Katy; Bonnie Leung, Austin.

Honorable mentions also went to: Kinsey Simmons, The Woodlands; David Rutledge, Stephenville; Caroline Traeger, Dallas; Jinda Cason, Dallas; Xinyi Chen, Dallas; Maryam Ogunkoya, Houston; Rachel Kalich, Shiner.

Prizes were awarded to first through third places in each grade level. In grades 4-6, savings bonds were awarded in the following amounts: first place $100, second place $75, third place $50.

In grades 7-9, first place received $100 cash, second place $75, third place $50.

First place in grades 10-12 paid $1,000 cash, second place $750, third place $500.

The three first place winners also receive financial assistance to attend the national competition in Brooklyn Center, MN, in August.

Every entrant received a certificate and a free fishing lure from Strike King Lure Company.

The Texas division of the State-Fish Art Contest is sponsored by the Toyota Texas Bass Classic.

Annual deadline for entering the contest is March 31. For more information visit

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