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May 16, 2011

Eggfest Organizers Scrambling

ATHENS—With 22 teams already signed up to fire up Big Green Eggs and serve samples of the results at the May 21 Green Eggs and Ham…burgers Eggfest at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC), event organizers are making plans to be sure no one goes home without being egged.

Anyone who attends the event will be able to sample the savory, smoky goodies, but only those who preregister at will be able to do so at no charge.

Those who do not preregister will still be allowed to taste by making a $10 donation to the Athens Public Education Foundation.

Regular admission to TFFC will be charged.

Tickets may also be purchased for the chance to win a Big Green Egg with stand valued at approximately $1,000. Proceeds from the ticket sales will benefit the Athens Public Education Foundation. Eggs will also be available for purchase and on-the-spot delivery at a discounted event price, and the entire line of Green Egg accessories will also be available for purchase.

Eggs used during the event will be sold at an even deeper discount as long as the supply lasts; reserve one at the web site above. Eggs will be cooled and reboxed before loading.

Warning: Although personnel will be on hand to help with loading the 150-pound eggs, bantam-sized vehicles will not accommodate one. Think Foghorn Leghorn. Or a pickup truck or large SUV.

For those who fear laying an egg on their first attempt to cook on the big ceramic cooker, how-to instruction will be offered during the day at the Green Egg store, and the Eggheads themselves are always happy to share cooking tips and recipes.

Green Eggs and Ham…burgers is sponsored by Morrison Supply, Paragon Distributing, Brookshire Brothers Grocery and TFFC.

For information on visiting the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, go to or call (903) 676-2277.

LH 2011-05-16

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