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Jan. 18, 2012

Local Food Movement Finds New Favor With Wild Game

Central Market and Texas Parks and Wildlife to Host February Wild Game Cooking Classes

AUSTIN – Central Market and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) have joined forces to bring wild game Cooking Specialist Chef Lisa Freeman into Central Market Cooking Schools to lead five February classes showcasing wild fish and game with award-winning olive oils. The classes will feature TPWD experts on hand to answer questions about game, conservation and the great outdoors.

“This partnership reflects an emerging trend within the urban local food movement,” said Cecilia Nasti, who hosts the radio programs Passport to Texas and Field and Feast, and helped bring together TPWD and Central Market Cooking School.  “Hunting and fishing are being seen in a new light by those who love locally sourced, quality food and are curious about bringing home their own food, but may not know where to start.” Nasti noted a TPWD video on YouTube that examines the trend by following the story of an Austin food photographer, Foodie: Will Hunt for Food.

The classes will run 6:30-9 p.m. in Austin on Wednesday, Feb. 15; Houston on Thursday, Feb. 16; San Antonio on Friday, Feb. 17; Fort Worth on Saturday, Feb. 18; and Dallas on Sunday, Feb. 19.

Designed for ages 18 and up, the classes will lead participants in a guided tasting of new harvest extra virgin olive oils, and show how traditional recipes involving olive oil can be adapted to a variety of wild game dishes.

The class menu includes:

The classes cost $50 per person. Register on the Central Market Cooking Class website. For more information on any class, find store numbers online and phone the store hosting the class.

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