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March 27, 2014

Game Warden Michelle Mount Selected as SEAFWA Officer of the Year

AUSTIN— Texas Game Warden Michelle Mount has been named Officer of the Year by the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (SEAFWA).

The award was presented by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Executive Director Carter Smith and TPWD Commission Chairman Dan Hughes Jr. at the Thursday public hearing of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.

This marks the 44th year that this award has been presented to a Texas Game Warden.

Mount began her game warden career in 2003 when she entered the 49th Texas Game Warden Training Academy.

Stationed in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Mount is well-known for her expertise dealing with exotic game, fish and plant importation. During one case, Mount identified and helped stop the importation of thousands of tropical fish from China into Texas. If they had been released in public waters, the fish could have caused considerable damage. Numerous state charges and federal Lacy Act violations were filed on three importers.

Among her other responsibilities, Mount serves as the regional GIS coordinator for the Law Enforcement Division and often utilizes her skill with the map plotter to make maps indicating where violations have occurred for use during court testimony. As a GIS coordinator, she is prepared to be involved with any situation throughout the state to document movement and points of interest for follow up analysis by the Incident Command Team.

Utilizing her computer skills, Mount accessed the internet on numerous occasions to work cases involving threated, endangered, and invasive species.

Mount also excels with TPWD’s public outreach mission and conducts numerous programs throughout the year. She also presents monthly hunter education classes, speaks to various school programs, and works with inner city youth teaching them to fish through Operation Outdoor events. Additionally, she volunteers at safety fairs, women in the outdoors events and numerous school programs.


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