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Feb. 17, 2016

Prescribed Burn Planned for Cedar Hill State Park

CEDAR HILL – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Wildland Fire Team will conduct a prescribed burn at Cedar Hill State Park for two to three days in February or March.

Because specific weather conditions are required to conduct an effective and safe prescribed burn, TPWD staff cannot provide a specific date for the burn at this time. However, local emergency management officials will be notified before the prescribed fire is implemented.

Some areas of the park will be closed to the public during the burn. In addition, because smoke from the burn may reduce visibility on neighboring roads, travelers should reduce their speed and use their headlights when smoke is present. However, the park’s prescribed fire plan guides fire crew members on methods to minimize the effect of smoke in nearby residential areas. Automated signs and park rangers will be present to caution travelers in these areas.

Prescribed burns are used as a management tool in state parks to improve wildlife habitats by restoring forest and prairie park areas historically maintained by natural fires. Prescribed burns also reduce the amount of available fuels that accumulate naturally, including leaf litter, fallen branches, understory growth and dead trees. By reducing the amount of available fuels, prescribed burns minimize the risk of a potentially destructive wildfire.

Park staff is preparing for the upcoming burn by clearing vegetation and other fuels from the fire breaks established around each area that will be burned this year. Park staff are also clearing fuels and vegetation away from utility poles, structures, signs and sensitive resources to protect them during the prescribed burns.

For more information regarding the planned burn or to request notification when fires are ignited, please contact the park at 972-291-6505 or


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