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Feb. 13, 2018

Whole Earth Provision Co. Hosts Banff Film Festival Benefiting Texas State Parks

AUSTIN — For the seventh consecutive year, Whole Earth Provision Co. will be donating proceeds from the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour to Texas State Parks.

Whole Earth Provision Co. — a Texas-based travel, adventure and nature store — has sponsored the film festival in Austin for over a decade with the proceeds going to various non-profits throughout the state. As the designated beneficiary of tickets sales from the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, Texas State Parks will use the proceeds to help fund state parks’ day-to day operational expenses, create park trail maps and enhance visitor programs.

“Texas is rich in natural resources; not just oil and gas, timber and wind, but in resources enjoyed daily by families and friends across the state. I’m talking about our Texas State Parks,” says Jack Jones, Whole Earth Provision Co. founder and lifelong Texas state park advocate. “Some of the most beautiful and historic places in our state – beaches, mountains, rivers, forests, canyons and plains, are available for all of us to enjoy. Whole Earth Provision Co. is proud to partner with our Texas State Parks, and looks forward to visiting the new parks that will be opening in the coming years.”

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour stops at the historic Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin on Sunday, Feb. 25, and Monday, Feb. 26. There will be two separate World Tour programs. Banff has discontinued Radical Reels, but there are plenty of adrenaline-fueled action sports films in each program. This is the 13th year Whole Earth Provision Co. has presented the Banff World Tour in Austin.

Later this year, Whole Earth will also host the “April is Texas State Parks Month” event at Whole Earth Provision Co. stores. Throughout April, customers at the eight Whole Earth locations in Austin, Dallas, Southlake, Houston and San Antonio will have the option at checkout counters to donate to Texas State Parks. On April 15 they can also meet local park rangers, who will be handing out Texas State Park Guides at all eight locations, to find out more about the numerous recreational opportunities and cultural and historical lessons state parks offer.

The funds raised from Banff World Tour are combined with donations given by customers in Whole Earth stores during “April is Texas State Park Month.” The combined six year total of funds raised from these two events is $178,803.

“Texas State Parks will use the proceeds to help fund state parks’ day-to day operational expenses and those parks impacted by Hurricane Harvey,” said Texas State Parks director Brent Leisure. “As the state parks system continues to evolve and create new and exciting programs, the annual promotion with one of Texas’ premier outdoor retailers allows us the opportunity to continue to create park experiences that Texans expect and deserve.”

Texas state parks provide an affordable and healthy way to spend time with family and friends. Children 12 and younger get in free. For more information about Texas state parks, visit .

The Banff Mountain Film Festival began in Banff Canada in 1976 and features short films and documentaries about mountain culture, sports, and environment. From approximately 400 films entered into the annual festival, award-winning films and audience favorites are among the films chosen to travel the globe. With stops planned in about 550 communities and more than 40 countries across the globe, this year’s tour features a collection of the most inspiring action, environmental, and adventure films from the festival.

Tickets for the Banff Mountain Film Festival Sunday showings are SOLD OUT, however, tickets for Monday, Feb. 26, can be purchased at

Paramount Theatre – 713 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas

View trailers and list of films:


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