DeWitt County Game Warden Honored as Texas Wildlife Officer of the Year

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The National Wild Turkey Federation recognized Warden Kram’s focus on wildlife conservation and education

Note: This item is more than a year old. Please take the publication date into consideration for any date references.

VICTORIA- Texas Game Warden Trey Kram’s dedication to educating his community, engaging local organizations and pursuing poaching investigations has set a high standard among his peers and throughout the state. This month the National Wild Turkey Federation recognized Warden Kram as the Texas Wildlife Officer of the Year.

Over the course of his 11-year career, the DeWitt County Warden has emphasized hunting conservation among groups like the Lions Club, Rotary Club, Wildlife Management Association and local schools.

“It’s important to remember that as conservation law enforcement, we hold a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to preserving our wildlife and wild spaces for future generations,” said Warden Trey Kram. “It’s critical we share that information with our communities to empower individuals to make better choices.”

As a turkey hunting hot spot, DeWitt County often falls prey to poachers. Over the decades, the south Texas area has seen turkey populations stagnate or disappear. Using his extensive knowledge of the terrain and wildlife populations, Warden Kram focused his attention on apprehending turkey poachers. Often writing citations for hunting out of season, criminal trespass and possessing turkey during a closed season, Warden Kram sent a strong message that following hunting regulations is necessary to sustaining the bird’s populations.

“First, it’s about fairness.” Kram said. “No one should be taking advantage of a closed season when there are first- time hunters, patiently waiting at home for the season to start. However, it’s also about the native turkey populations. They survive as a family group. It only takes a few poachers to completely decimate a flock; ruining one of our resources and the opportunity for future hunters.”

Warden Kram admitted the new recognition reminds him how critical his outreach is to sustaining conservation efforts in the long run. He hopes some of the newly founded attention may direct him to new groups in the area and support further outreach initiatives among Texas Game Wardens.