Texas Wildlife Action Plan (TWAP) 2005-2010

The 2005 Texas Wildlife Action Plan's purpose is to provide a statewide "roadmap" for research, restoration, management and recovery projects addressing Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) and important habitats. "SGCN" include terrestrial, freshwater, and marine birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates (like insects, mollusks and coral), fishes, plants and plant communities. The goal of the Plan is ultimately to conserve and improve the status of these species and, as possible, prevent listings under the Endangered Species Act. The Wildlife Action Plan is a natural resources conservation plan for all of Texas, not just Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. This plan is in revision (2011). Please see the current Texas Conservation Action Plan for new documents and opportunities for public comment.

Outline of the 2005 Texas Wildlife Action Plan

  1. Section I - Foreword, Executive Summary, Elements Guide ("Road Map"), Table of Contents media download(PDF 117.2 KB)
  2. Section II - Introduction, Species, Habitat, & High Priority Conservation Strategies, Monitoring & Adaptive Management media download(PDF 3.3 MB)
  3. Section III - Acknowledgements, Literature Cited, Glossary, Abbreviations & Acronyms media download(PDF 579.7 KB)
  4. Section IV - Priority Species List, Med. Priority Conservation Strategies, Supplemental Species & Plant Information media download(PDF 1.2 MB)
    1. Maps 1 - 34
    2. Land and Water Resources Conservation and Recreation Plan media download(PDF 8.5 MB)
    3. The Texas Shrimp Fishery media download(PDF 4.5 MB)
    4. Texas Wetlands Conservation Plan media download(0 B)