Ecologically Significant River and Stream Segments

Carpenters Bayou

Figure 16. Map Location of Carpenters Bayou

Map Location of Carpenters Bayou
Adapted from The Roads of Texas. Shearer Publishing, 1995.

Figure 17. Carpenters Bayou north of Deussen Parkway

Carpenters Bayou north of Deussen Parkway

Carpenters Bayou

Carpenters Bayou begins 5 miles northwest of Sheldon Reservoir in east Harris County and flows southeasterly to the Houston Ship Channel. The bayou is shallow with a bottom comprised of hard sand and clay and an ill-defined channel that flows through pine and hardwood forest. The land surrounding the headwaters of the bayou has been set aside for conservation purposes to protect its natural state. The bayou is the sole source of water for Sheldon Reservoir and along with adjacent wetlands provides habitat for a large number of wood ducks and wading birds. Birds commonly found here include ospreys, white-ibis’, little blue herons, roseate spoonbills, anhingas, and flocks of waterfowl that blanket the various lakes and ponds associated with the bayou. As well as offering excellent bird watching, the bayou provides local residents with fishing opportunities for largemouth bass and catfish among other species. The ecologically significant segment is from Garrett Road in Harris County upstream to the bayou’s headwaters.

(1)  Biological Function- valuable cypress swamps and extensive fringe wetlands display significant overall habitat value.15

(2)  Hydrologic Function- bottomland hardwood forest and associated wetlands perform valuable hydrologic functions relating to flood attenuation and water quality.

(3)  Riparian Conservation Area- fringed by Sheldon State Park.