Ecologically Significant River and Stream Segments

Luce Bayou

Figure 34. Map Location of Luce Bayou

Map Location of Luce Bayou
Adapted from USGS Beaumont, Texas. 1978. Original scale 1:250,000.

Figure 35. Luce Bayou east of FM 2100 (a) (b)

Luce Bayou east of FM 2100








Luce Bayou east of FM 2100








Luce Bayou

Luce Bayou begins in Northwest Liberty County and flows southwesterly to Lake Houston. The Bayou is narrow and shallow in its upper reaches, but widens and deepens downstream. The substrate is mixed mud and sand and the banks are lined with hardwood forest that provides habitat for a variety of mammals such as raccoons and beavers. The bayou provides habitat for a diverse biological community of fish including perch, bluegill, and catfish.11 The bayou also provides outdoor recreation for local residents in the form of fishing, bird watching and boating. The ecologically significant segment is from the confluence with Lake Houston upstream to its headwaters in Liberty County.

(1) Biological Function- bottomland forest displays significant overall habitat value considering the high biodiversity of fish and macroinvertebrates.11

(2)  Hydrologic Function- bottomland hardwood forest and associated wetlands perform valuable hydrologic functions relating to flood attenuation and water quality.