Ecologically Significant River and Stream Segments

Menard Creek

Figure 36. Map Location of Menard Creek

Map Location of Menard Creek
USGS Beaumont, Texas. 1978. Original scale 1:250,000.

Figure 37. Menard Creek north of FM 943

Menard Creek

Menard Creek begins east of Livingston in central Polk County and flows southeasterly to the Polk County line, where it turns northwesterly and flows through Liberty County into the Trinity River. The creek channel is narrow and shallow with a sandy bottom and follows a sinuous path through banks lined with pine and hardwood forest. The ecologically significant segment is from the confluence with the Trinity River near the Polk/Liberty County line upstream to its headwaters located east of Livingston in the central part of Polk County. The portion that runs through Hardin County is not included in the segment as it is out of Region H.

(1)  Biological Function- bottomland hardwood forest that displays significant overall habitat value.15

(2)  Hydrologic Function- performs valuable hydrologic functions relating to water quality and groundwater recharge of the Chicot Aquifer.20

(3)  Riparian Conservation Area- fringed by the Big Thicket National Preserve.

(5)  Threatened or Endangered Species/Unique Communities- high diversity of freshwater mussels, many of which are rare.15