Ecologically Significant River and Stream Segments

Old River

Figure 42. Map Location of Old River

Map Location of Old River
Adapted from USGS Houston, Texas. 1975. Original scale 1:250,000.

Figure 43. Old River west of FM 1409

Old River west of FM 1409

Old River

Old River is a former channel of the Trinity River in western Chambers County. The river channel begins south of the Dayton Canal in Liberty County and flows southeasterly to Old River Lake and ultimately into Trinity Bay. The banks of the river are lined with cypress and hardwood forests and associated fringe wetlands that provide habitat for medium to small sized mammals such as opossums, swamp rabbits, beavers, river otters, raccoons, minks, skunks, nutria, and white-tailed deer. Old River also offers large areas of important avian habitat for migratory songbirds, wading birds, and waterfowl. The area also provides habitat for numerous reptiles and amphibians such as turtles, American alligators, snakes, frogs and anoles. The ecologically significant segment is from IH 10 in Chambers County upstream to the Dayton Canal in Liberty County.

(1)  Biological Function- valuable cypress swamp habitat and extensive fringe wetlands display significant overall habitat value.15,16,24

(2)  Hydrologic Function- wetland habitats perform valuable hydrologic function relating to water quality and flood attenuation.

(3)  Riparian Conservation Area- fringed by the Wallisville Lake Project (COE).

(4)  High Water Quality/Exceptional Aquatic Life/High Aesthetic Value- high aesthetic value.