Ecologically Significant River and Stream Segments

Upper Keechi Creek


Figure 50. Map Location of Upper Keechi Creek

Map Location of Upper Keechi Creek
Adapted from The Roads of Texas. Shearer Publishing, 1995.

Figure 51. Upper Keechi Creek at FM 831

Upper Keechi Creek at FM 831

Upper Keechi Creek

Upper Keechi Creek begins in Freestone County east of Teague and flows easterly towards Oakwood, where it turns southeasterly into Leon County and empties into the Trinity River. Bottomland hardwood forests fringe the creek and provide habitat for white-tailed deer, feral hogs, rabbits, and abundant waterfowl. The creek provides habitat to a diverse assemblage of fish including numerous shiner species, channel catfish, largemouth bass, white and black crappie, several sunfish species, common carp, and redfin pickerel. The Keechi Creek Wildlife Management Area, which contains 1,500 acres, was acquired as mitigation for bottomland habitat inundated by Lake Limestone and provides public hunting. The ecologically significant segment is from the confluence with the Trinity River upstream to the Freestone/Leon County line.

(1)  Biological Function- displays significant overall habitat value considering the high degree of biodiversity.7

(2)  Hydrologic Function- bottomland hardwood forest and associated wetlands perform valuable hydrologic functions relating to water quality.

(3)  Riparian Conservation Areas- fringed by the Keechi Creek Wildlife Management Area.