Fee Chart for Boats and Outboard Motors

Vessel Registration

Vessel Registration
Vessel Description Vessel Class Fee
Less than 16 feet in length Class A $32
16 feet but less than 26 feet in length Class 1 $53
26 feet but less than 40 feet in length Class 2 $110
40 feet or more in length Class 3 $150
Livery Boat less than 16 feet in length Class A $32

Certificate of Number (Registration) ID Card

Certificate of Number (Registration) ID Card
Card Type Fee
Transfer of Ownership (applies to existing Texas vessel record) $11
Replacement Certificate of Number Card $11
Corrected Certificate of Number Card $11

Registration Replacement Decals

Registration Replacement Decals
Decal Fee
Replacement Registration Decals with new certificate of number card (required) $22

Texas Certificate of Title

Texas Certificate of Title
Type of Title Fee
Certificate of Title - Vessel / Outboard Motor $27
Certificate of Title - Transfer of Vessel / Outboard Motor $27
Certificate of Title - "Standard" - Replacement of Lost or Destroyed Title $27
Certificate of Title- Correction Transaction $27
Certificate of Title- Bonded Title $37
"Quick" Certificate of Title - Expedited Replacement for Lost or Destroyed Title (includes $27 title fee) $64


Type of Tax Fee
New Resident Tax (applies to owner relocating from out of state to Texas) $15
Sales / Use Tax (percentage of the sales price)


  • Sales tax for vessels and outboard motors purchased in Texas on or after September 1, 2019 is capped at $18,750.00
  • Penalties and Interest (apply when tax is not paid by the due date)
    • tax due within 20 business days when purchased prior to 9/1/19 or within 45 business days when purchased on or after 9/1/19
    • see form PWD 930 to calculate amount owed
Temporary Use Tax Permit (applies to owner seeking qualifying tax exemption) $150

Other Fee Types

Other Fee Types
Fee Type Fee
Game Warden Inspection / State Assigned Hull Identification Number $25
Ownership History Request $11
15-Day Boater Ed Deferral (Item 850) $10

Party Boats

Party Boats
Fee Type Fee
Annual Party Boat Inspection $132
New Party Boat Operators License $132
Renew Existing Party Boat Operators License $53
Replace a Lost or Destroyed Party Boat Operators License $53
Update an Existing Party Boat Operators License $53

Marine Dealer License

Marine License
Marine License Type Fee
New License Application $500
Additional License Decal and ID Card $126
Replacement License ID Card $11
Renewal of License $500
Transfer Business (New Owner) $500
Transfer Business Location (Same Owner) $11
Correction/Update of Information $4