Expert Tips to Come Home Safe from the Hunt


Last year, Texas had the lowest number of firearm-related hunting incidents (17) since the mid-1960s. With over 1 million
licensed hunters, hunting is safer than most recreational activities (, in large part because of hunter education.

But even one tragic accident is too many. Thinking “Safety first!” and avoiding these common mistakes is the key!

  1. Careless Handling: Make sure the muzzle of your firearm is pointed in a safe direction at all times, especially in and around vehicles. This #1 rule is critical while handling all firearms. Also, keep your finger outside the trigger guard until ready to fire, and unload when not hunting.
  2. Swinging on Game Outside of a Safe Zone of Fire: The most common accident while dove or quail hunting, taking shots outside of your “safe zone” is second only to careless handling. Be constantly aware of other people and your surroundings. Wear blaze orange to be seen. Know what is in front of and beyond the line of fire.
  3. Hog Hunting Mishaps: Hog hunting has become wildly popular in Texas. Being familiar with modern sporting rifles and handguns and being extra cautious during hours of diminished light are two considerations when hunting these wily animals.
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