Fishing Close to Home


Fishing is one of the best ways to connect with family and friends in the great outdoors, and to help grow the next conservation generation. But finding a place to fish in Texas’ rapidly growing urban and suburban areas can be tough. To help, Texas Parks and Wildlife has partnered with locals to offer high-quality urban fisheries in city, county and state parks and all across Texas.

First-time anglers and families can find beginner-friendly opportunities at 19 Neighborhood Fishin’ lakes in the Houston area, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio. These are stocked regularly with channel catfish in warmer months and rainbow trout in winter months. Neighborhood Fishin’ lakes are all located in parks with ample parking, restrooms, lighting and plentiful recreational amenities.

FAMILY-FISHING_1768.gifMore experienced anglers, or those looking for more fish variety, can also find opportunities at the hundreds of Community Fishing Lakes and reservoirs near urban areas throughout the state. These range from small neighborhood ponds to larger impoundments, offering diverse options for shoreline, boat and kayak fishing for the harvest-oriented or catch-and-release angler. Urban anglers seeking great fishing close to the city can find it at John Paul’s Landing in Houston, White Rock Lake in Dallas, and Lady Bird Lake in Austin. Find hundreds more on the handy "Where to Fish in Texas Public Waters" web pages.

Wherever we go, let’s remember to be good stewards by following fishing regulations and bag limits, and properly disposing of fishing line and trash. These conservation practices benefit the fish and wildlife that share these spaces and make sure we’ll all have a safe and enjoyable fishing experience into the future. Don’t forget your license—anglers over 17 need one to fish in any public water outside a Texas State Park. Licenses cost as little as $11 for one-day, all-water access. Purchase a fishing license today.

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