Fishing Restrictions for Spawning Alligator Gar

Notice - The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department reopened fishing for alligator gar in portions of the river between the Highway 287 bridge near Cayuga and State Highway 7 near Crockett effective Friday, May 24th.

When conditions are conducive for spawning of alligator gar, the TPWD Executive Director may temporarily prohibit taking or attempting to take alligator gar in a specified area for a period up to 30 days. Examples include water temperatures between 68 to 82°F and occurrence of moderate flood levels as defined and reported by U.S. Geological Survey gauges. Notice of this action will be posted on this page, distributed to news media, and shared through social media. The notice will specify the area to be closed and the date by which lawful fishing for alligator gar may resume.

No additional restrictions for alligator gar are in effect at this time.