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2014 - 2015
The 2015-2016 hunting season dates are now available. Download a PDF »

Shellfish Regulations

  1. Shrimping Seasons in Bays
    Bait shrimping & non-bait shrimping in bays
  2. Shrimping Seasons in Outside Waters
    Season dates, limits & hours
  3. Shrimp Regulations & Restrictions
    Legal devices, trawling, coastal waters & county restrictions
  1. Crab & Ghost Shrimp Limits
    Bag, possession & minimum length limits
  2. Crab & Ghost Shrimp Regulations & Restrictions
    Legal devices
  3. Oyster Regulations
    Seasons, limits & legal devices
  4. Other Aquatic Life (Fresh & Salt Waters)
    Clams, mussels, snails mollusks, hermit crabs, starfish & sea urchins

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