How to Bring Harvest to Check Stations

  • All CWD-susceptible species harvested within the CWD Zones are required to be sampled for CWD.
  • Carcass movement restrictions do not apply if the carcass will not be moved outside of a CWD Zone. However, it is
    recommended to always properly dispose of unused carcass parts.
  • A hunter who leaves a CWD Zone with a harvested animal must quarter the animal and remove the head from the carcass 2–3 vertebrae below the head.
  • Place head in a plastic trash bag and keep cool until arriving at a CWD check station.
  • Heads can be disposed of at the CWD check stations provided the hunter has a CWD receipt, which serves as a proof-of-sex document.

remove head 2 to 3 vertebrae below head