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Map of Limestone County CWD Zone

Limestone County CWD Zone Description

Surveillance zone 10 is that portion of Limestone County within an approximate 2-mile area around the CWD-positive facility as illustrated on the map. If any property is wholly or partially within the zone then the entire property is subject to CWD surveillance zone rules, including mandatory sampling of hunter harvested deer and carcass movement restrictions.

Coolidge Check Station

24 Hour Drop Box Only or Sample Collection by Appointment Only

Coolidge Drop Box

Coolidge Check Station Drop Box
Location Open Dates Hours Phone
106 N 1st Street
(State Highway 171)
Coolidge, Texas 76635

31.75661, -96.65013
Sept 30, 2023 – Feb 29, 2024 24 hours (903) 343-0137

Coolidge By Appointment

Coolidge Check Station By Appointment
Available Dates Hours Phone
Sept 30, 2023 - Feb 29, 2024 Call to make arrangements (903) 343-0137