South Central Check Station

map of South Central Texas CWD Zone

South Central CWD Zone Description

That portion of the state lying within a line beginning the intersection of F.M. 1250 and U.S. Highway 90 in Hondo in Medina County; thence west along U.S. Highway 90 to F.M. 1574 in Uvalde County; thence south along F.M. 1574 to F.M. 1023 (Garner Field Road); thence west along F.M. 1023 to County Road 373; thence south along County Road 373 to County Road 374; thence west along County Road 374 to F.M. 140; thence northwest along F.M. 140 to F.M. 117; thence north along F.M. 117 to U.S. Highway 83; thence southwest along U.S. Highway 83 to F.M. 1435; thence north along F.M. 143 to U.S. Highway 90; thence west along U.S. Highway 90 to F.M. 2369; thence northwest along F.M. 2369 to F.M. 1403; thence north along F.M. 1403 to State Highway 55; thence northwest along S.H. 55 to Indian Creek Road; thence northeast along Indian Creek Road to Lower Frio Ranch Road; thence southeast along Lower Frio Ranch Road to Deep Creek; thence southeast along Deep Creek to the U.S. Highway 83; thence north along U.S. Highway 83 to State Highway 127 in Concan; thence southeast along State Highway 127 to the Sabinal River in Uvalde County; thence north along the Sabinal River to F.M. 187; thence north along F.M. 187 to F.M. 470 in Bandera County; thence east along F.M. 470 to Tarpley in Bandera County; thence south along F.M. 462 to 18th Street in Hondo; thence east along 18th Street to State Highway 173; Thence south along State Highway 173 to U.S. Highway 90 ; thence west along U.S. Highway 90 to Avenue E (F.M. 462); thence south along Avenue E (F.M. 462) to F.M. 1250; thence west along F.M 1250 to U.S. Highway 90.