Nuisance Fur-bearing Animals

Landowners or their agents may take nuisance fur-bearing animals in any number by any means at any time on that person's land without the need for a hunting or trapping license. However, fur-bearing animals or their pelts taken for these purposes may not be retained or possessed by anyone at any time except licensed trappers during the lawful open season and possession periods.

Nuisance fur-bearing animals may be captured and relocated if the person has received authorization from the department and the owner of the property where the release will occur. A monthly report is required and must be submitted to the department on number and kind of fur-bearers captured, location of release site, name and address of person authorized to release.

Rabies Quarantine

It is a Class C misdemeanor to transport or sell live foxes, coyotes and raccoons from, to, or within this state. For additional information, please contact the Zoonosis Control Division of the Texas Department of Health at (512) 458-7255.