Hunting Definitions

Valid Sep. 1, 2017 through Aug. 31, 2018.

Annual Bag Limit for Alligator, Deer, Antelope, Turkey or Javelina:
The maximum number of these species that may be lawfully taken by a hunter during a license year.
Antler Point:
A projection that extends at least one inch from the edge of a main beam or another tine. The tip of a main beam is also a point, see: Special Antler Restrictions
Minerals, vegetative material, or any other food substance placed to lure any wildlife resource.
Closed Season:
For any species, the period of time, if any, when hunting that species is not permitted.
Daily Bag Limit:
The maximum number of a game species (quail, pheasant, squirrel, etc.) that may be lawfully taken by a hunter during the legal shooting hours in one day.
A 24-hour period of time that begins at midnight and ends at midnight.
Edible condition:
Fit for human consumption, but does not include any portion of a game bird, game animal, or fish that is bruised ("bloodshot") by a bullet, shot, or arrow; otherwise destroyed as a result of harvest; decayed or rotting; or obviously infected or diseased.
"Final Destination" for Pronghorn Antelope, Deer, and Turkey:
The permanent residence of the person who takes the antelope, deer, or turkey; the permanent residence of the person who receives the antelope, deer, or turkey or part of the antelope, deer, or turkey; or a cold storage or processing facility.
To capture, trap, take, or kill, and includes any attempt to capture, trap, take, or kill.
Legal Shooting Hours for all Game Animals and Nonmigratory Game Birds:
The period from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. Look up sunrise/sunset hours.
Open Season:
The period of time during which it is lawful to hunt a specified animal, game animal, wild fowl, or bird. The dates in this guide are opening and closing dates for the open season. The open season includes both dates and all days between. Unless otherwise specified, the open season is a “general” season and all legal means, as specified in this guide, may be used in taking the species. Where the open season is designated as “archery,” only legal archery equipment/crossbow as specified below may be used. Where the open season is designated as “muzzleloader only,” only muzzleloaders as defined below may be used. When a season is designated as a “youth-only,” special regulations apply. See definition of “youth” below.
Permanent Residence:
One's principal or ordinary home or dwelling place. This does not include one's temporary abode or dwelling such as a hunting/fishing club, or any club house, cabin, tent, car, truck, or trailer house used as a hunting/fishing club, or any hotel, motel, or rooming house used during a hunting, fishing, pleasure, or business trip.
Possession Limit:
The maximum number of a species that lawfully may be in one person's possession at any time after the first day of a hunting season, except for deer, antelope, and turkey. On the first day of any open season, the possession limit is the same as the daily bag limit. After the first day, the possession limit becomes twice the daily bag limit (except for quail and some migratory birds). For all wildlife resources taken for personal consumption and for which there is a possession limit, the possession limit shall not apply after the wildlife resource has reached the possessor's permanent residence and has been finally processed.
A deer or antelope is quartered when the forequarters, hindquarters, and back straps have been completely severed from the carcass.
Wildlife Resources:
Any wild animal, wild bird, and aquatic life.
For the purposes of participation in Youth-Only hunting seasons for deer, turkey, waterfowl, and squirrel, is any person 16 years of age or younger. See the Waterfowl Digest PDF for waterfowl season dates.