Proof of Sex

Valid Sep. 1, 2018 through Aug. 31, 2019.

Deer or Pronghorn Antelope

Notice: It is unlawful to possess a deer or pronghorn antelope with proof of sex removed unless the deer or antelope is at a final destination and has been quartered. Proof of sex includes one of the following:

  • the head (skinned or unskinned) of a buck deer with antlers attached;
  • the head (skinned or unskinned) of an antlerless deer;
  • the unskinned head of a pronghorn; or
  • a completed Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP) Tag, Antlerless Mule Deer Permit, CWD Check Station Receipt, or TPWD Drawn Hunt Legal Deer Tag.

It is unlawful to remove the head or antlers (proof of sex) of deer or pronghorn at a commercial processor until the carcass has been quartered and entered into the cold storage logbook.

Pheasant or Turkey

It is unlawful to possess a pheasant or turkey (whereapplicable) with proof of sex removed. The following isconsidered proof of sex and must accompany thepheasant or turkey until it reaches its final destinationand is finally processed:

  • Pheasant: one leg, including the spur, attached to thepheasant carcass or the entire plumage attached to thepheasant carcass;
  • Turkey: in counties where the harvest is restricted togobblers and/or bearded hens, a male turkey is required tohave one leg, including the spur, attached to the bird; or thebird, accompanied by a patch of skin with breast feathersand beard attached. In counties where the harvest offemale turkeys is restricted to bearded hens, all harvestedhens must be accompanied by a patch of skin with breastfeathers and beard attached.

Exception to Proof of Sex

Instead of proof of sex, the hunter may obtain a receipt from a taxidermist or a signed statement from the landowner or the landowner’s agent containing the following information:

  • Name of person who killed the wildlife resource;
  • Date the wildlife resource was killed; and
  • One of the following, as applicable: Whether the deer was antlered or antlerless; the sex of the pronghorn; the sex of the turkey and whether a beard was attached; or the sex of the pheasant.