Waterfowl Banding Maps

The maps on the following pages depict waterfowl band recoveries that were harvested by hunters in Texas (unless otherwise noted) from 2000 to 2005. Managers use band recovery information not only to gather information on movements and migration of waterfowl but also to obtain key information concerning life span, productivity, age- and gender-specific survival rates, harvest rates and population estimates. To report a band, please go to U.S. Geological Survey - bird band retrieval.

  1. Mallards
  2. Northern Pintails
  3. Green-Winged Teal
  4. Blue-Winged Teal
  5. American Wigeon
  6. Gadwall
  7. All Mottled Ducks
  8. Canvasback
  9. Lesser Scaup
  10. Lesser Snow Goose (white)
  11. Lesser Snow Goose (blue)
  12. All Regular Season Lesser Snow Goose
  13. All Conservation Order Lesser Snow Goose