Digital Licenses and Tagging

Digital License and Tagging Information

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department offers several digital licenses that authorize digital tagging of harvested deer, turkey, and oversized red drum. Digital licenses are available through online purchase only. A digital license holder will not receive a printed license or tags and must understand and abide by the requirements listed below.

Not all items purchased online are fully digital licenses. If a license has a digital option, you will be asked to choose whether you want a Printed (Paper) or Digital license. If you choose a Printed (Paper) license that includes tags, or if the license you purchase is only available in Printed (Paper) format, you must use the paper license tags that will be sent in the mail on harvested animals that require tagging.

Digital License and Tagging Options

The following license and tag items have a fully digital option when purchased online: Super Combo, Senior Super Combo, Lifetime Combo Tags, Lifetime Hunting Tags, Lifetime Fishing Tags, Youth Hunting,

View & Connect Your Digital License

Your digital license must be available while hunting or fishing. The license can be viewed through TPWD’s Outdoor Annual and My Texas Hunt Harvest (MTHH) mobile apps. Connect your license before heading to the field:

  1. Download the MTHH mobile app
  2. Tap “View My Licenses” on the home screen
  3. Tap “Add Account” and follow instructions to connect your digital license
  4. Confirm your license information is accurate
  5. Ensure your device is charged while in the field

General Digital Tagging Requirements

  • Digital tagging for harvested deer, turkey, and oversized red drum must be completed through the MTHH mobile app. An updated version of the app that supports digital tagging will be available by August 15, 2023.
  • Digital license holders are not exempt from the Federal Duck Stamp requirement. If you purchase a Federal Duck Stamp, it will be mailed to your address on file. The stamp must be signed on its face and is required to be on your person while hunting waterfowl.
  • Other license purchases made for this season (e.g., Annual Public Hunt, Federal Sandhill Crane Permit, Bonus Red Drum Tag, etc.) will be provided in digital format only and will show up as separate items on your digital license.
  • Tags issued with your digital license are displayed in Table 1 (below). All county bag limits, special provisions and restrictions apply; refer to the Outdoor Annual. Execution of a digital tag serves as completion of mandatory harvest reporting for deer and turkey in applicable counties.
  • It is your responsibility to track tag usage. Use the Harvest History section in MTHH and ensure that your app is synced. Do not harvest an animal if you are not certain that you have a tag available to use.

Handwritten tag on white-tailed deer

Harvest Reporting and Physical Documentation for Deer and Turkey

  • Immediately upon take of a deer, turkey, or oversized red drum you must create a harvest report using the MTHH mobile or web app.
  • Download the MTHH mobile app prior to heading to the field to ensure the harvest report can be created, regardless of availability of data service.
  • For deer and turkey, a physical, handwritten document must be attached to the carcass.

If data service is available:

  1. The MTHH app will provide a confirmation number upon submission of the harvest report.
  2. This confirmation number must be written on a durable material, attached to the harvest, and maintained in legible condition until tagging requirements cease.

If data service is not available:

  1. The harvest report will be saved by your device in an ‘Unsubmitted’ status.
  2. You must then write the following information on a durable material, attach it to the harvest, and ensure it is maintained in legible condition:
    • First and last name of the person who harvested the deer or turkey
    • Hunting license customer number (found in your app)
    • Date and time of harvest

As soon as data service becomes available:

  1. When service is available, you must complete and submit the harvest report in MTHH.
  2. A confirmation number will be provided, which must be written on a durable material, attached to the harvest, and maintained in legible condition until tagging requirements cease. This confirmation number can simply be added to the existing documentation previously attached to the animal and must be maintained in legible condition until tagging requirements cease.

Harvest Reporting for Red Drum

  • No physical document is required to be attached to an oversized red drum; the completed harvest report submitted in MTHH is all that is required.
  • Digital license holders are limited to take of one oversized red drum, with the option to purchase a bonus red drum tag for one additional harvest of an oversized red drum in a given license year.

Table 1: Tags Issued with Digital Licenses

Tag Number Issued
White-Tailed Deer, Antlerless Only 2
White-Tailed Deer, Buck Or Antlerless 3
Mule Deer, Antlerless Only 1
Mule Deer, Buck or Antlerless 1
Turkey, Rio Grande Only 3
Turkey, Eastern or Rio Grande 1
Red Drum, Over 28” 1