Interactive Map of Dinosaur Valley State Park Trails

If this map does not work on your device:

How to Use the Map

Click on the “Satellite” button on the top left of the map for the aerial view.

Click the square icon with arrows (on the upper right of the map) to expand to full screen.  

Zoom in for a closer look (using the + button) or zoom back out (using the – button).

Try the street/trail view option to see views from ground level (click the zoom in button once to see this feature better). Hover your curser over the little orange person icon (on the bottom right of the map). Click and hold down on it, then drag it onto the map. As you drag the icon, roads and trails with street/trail view 360-degree imagery will turn a light blue. Drop the icon on a blue line and pan 360 degrees to see that area.

You may see small blue dots when you’re dragging the street/trail view icon over the map; these are stationary 360-degree scenic views. If you drop the Street View icon on one of the dots you’ll see the 360-degree view from that point.    

If you are on a newer phone or internet browser, the map will prompt you to share your location. If cell phone or Wi-Fi service is available at the park, you’ll be able to see your location in relation to the trails. 

Note: Property boundaries and site locations are for representation only. Not all private property is shown on map. Visitors should not trespass on private property. This map is provided in conjunction with Google and may contain some roads that are not useable or do not exist. Some trails may be closed. Please check with the park for current road and trail conditions.

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