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Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2010

Edward W. Bonn View Bonn video

The late Ed Bonn, a state fisheries biologist, led efforts to stock striped bass (a marine species) in Texas lakes and to develop methods to cross stripers with native white bass. Both stripers and hybrids now provide recreation and food for large numbers of anglers. Bonn was also responsible for training many biologists and technicians who came to work for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as the agency grew.

Philip Durocher View Durocher video

Phil Durocher served 19 years as the director of TPWD's Inland Fisheries Division, capping a 35-year career with the department. His most visible contribution was shifting attitudes toward fishing from food to sport, especially regarding largemouth bass. The result was a largemouth bass fishery that is generally acknowledged to be the best in the nation and a vital part of the Texas economy, generating some $2 billion in economic impact each year.

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