Look for birds year-round in Texas!

Texas offers great bird-watching during spring and hummingbird migrations, summer nesting, and fall hawk watches. And don’t forget those winter resident birds!

Child and woman with binoculars on viewing platform

Birding in Texas

Birding is an activity open to anyone, anytime, anywhere. We’ve compiled tons of resources on this great pastime. You can join a bird count, take driving tours, improve your backyard habitat, teach your kids about birds, and more.

Visit our Birding in Texas page to learn more!

Group of people with binoculars viewing birds in a Texas state park

Birding in state parks

Texas state parks provide habitat for birds (and other wildlife) and provide access to that habitat for humans. We lead birding classes and tours, have bird blinds, and offer miles of trails for spotting birds. Some parks loan binoculars.

Visit our State Parks Birding page and plan your park visit!

Altamira Oriole sitting on a branch in a tree

Birding in wildlife management areas

TPWD manages lands to study wildlife and habitats. These are great places to look for birds in a more natural setting.

You’ll need a Limited Public Use Permit (LPU) to enter a WMA. Always call before visiting and bring your own drinking water.

Find WMAs with wildlife viewing.

TPWD Birding Video Playlist

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