Go Wild


Whether you capture wildlife with your camera, paint a pretty landscape, or discover a new place for your group to visit, there's plenty to do and see this spring at your Texas State Parks!

Go Wildlife Watching


Catch a glimpse of animals in their native habitats. Please maintain a safe, respectful distance. Travel the Great Texas Wildlife Trails for free online, or buy the beautiful maps to plan your drives.

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Great Texas Wildlife Trails 

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Grow Your Group


Park visitors are social animals too. That means we sometimes travel in groups! Here are three popular ways to visit with friends and family this spring.

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Watch for Birds

Golden-cheeked warbler perched on a branchIt can be as simple as a walk in the park, or it can become your favorite activity. With more species than almost any state, Texas is a birder’s paradise.

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Team up for the Great Texas Birding Classic

Bird blinds in state parks 

Time to Fish!


Thanks to more than 70 state parks with fishable waters, you can try this activity for free, with no license required! Please be sure to learn the rules, which help keep fish populations and their habitats healthy and sustainable. 

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Discover New Roots

CCC-built open-air shelter

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and many others contributed to today’s Texas treasures.  Thanks to the seeds they planted early, today we can all visit more wild things and wild places. 

History and culture in state parks

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