Wildscapes: San Antonio-Texas Wildscapes

Woman working in a wildscape

San Antonio Urban Wildlife Office Offers Assistance in Describing the Basics of Backyard Habitats

You can enrich existing landscapes or create new ones with wildlife-friendly drought resistant plants. As a bonus, you reduce water bills and maintenance while attracting and supporting song birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other desirable wildlife. This brochure includes a sample wildscape design, a suggested plant list, and some landscaping tips to get you started on creating your own unique habitat.

Over the past years, urbanization has reduced the variety of plants in our landscapes. We have replaced many of our native plants with imported plants which do not always adapt well to our climate and may not provide food or shelter for wildlife. Creating a Texas Wildscape can restore Texas native plants and benefit wildlife.

Your landscape may qualify for the Texas Parks and Wildlife's Wildscape Certification and/or the San Antonio Water System's Watersaver Rebate Programs. Check with your local offices for further information on these programs.

To order the free "Create a Texas Wildscape" pamphlet, contact the San Antonio Urban Wildlife Office at (210) 688-6444, or:

San Antonio Urban Wildlife Office
12861 Galm Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78254

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